Whatsapp will launche multiple device support feature. Users able to run single number on 4 device

A big piece of information is coming up for WhatsApp users. You will now be able to run WhatsApp on four different devices from the same number. This new feature has been developed by the company. And it will soon be made available to beta users for testing and then it will be launched for general users.

According to WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the company has been working on its multiple-device support feature for some time now. This feature will be available soon in the beta version of the instant messaging platform. This means that users who are offered a beta version of WhatsApp will get to use this feature.

No word yet on when the company will launch the service for all users. Sharing some details about the feature, the tracker said that with this feature, the user will be able to use the same WhatsApp account on four different devices at the same time. You can control WhatsApp with other devices from the main device.

WhatsApp will also prepare a new UI for its desktop version for this multi-device support feature. This feature will be available on the app under the linked device. You can link your WhatsApp account to a new device here. And you’ll also see a list of linked devices. This app is similar to the WhatsApp web desktop interface.

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