Apple Store online Live in India, know offers

There is no need to go to branded retailers or use third party e-commerce websites to buy Apple devices. Apple’s first online store has also been operational in India since 23 September. The company’s agent Tim Cook announced this in a tweet. Indeed, since the Corona epidemic has spread, people have stopped visiting stores or given little. This is why the company has to use online platforms to sell its devices.

Tim Cook wrote in his tweet, “The company will offer its full range of products here and directly facilitate customers across the country.” This means that customers in India can also buy Apple TVs, MacBook, iPads, iPhones, Apple Smart Watches.

According to the statement released by the company, the new online store will provide customers with a great experience similar to Apple stores around the world. There is an experienced online team, which will take the product to the customer.

The online store is starting in India from 23 September and the company believes that this is the best time for India, because now the festivals are going to start. The Festival season lasts till October in India. The company has announced several offers. In particular, special discounts are being given to students.

There are many affordable options available on the Apple Store online. The company claims that in the wake of the Corona epidemic, following all the guidelines here, the products ordered from the Apple Store will bedeviled.

Also, orders that do not require a signature will be left at the door, and those requiring oral confirmation will be completed at a safe distance. The signature part has been removed from the entire delivery process. The Apple online store is currently live but the products are yet to be listed.

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