Facebook, Zuckerberg and the snack of discord

It is a Mark Zuckerberg in some ways unpublished what emerges from some audio files leaked through the pages of The Verge site. Recordings that see Facebook’s number one address directly to group employees during remote meetings over the past few months.

Facebook, leak from meetings: so spoke Zuckerberg

This is the CEO’s response to the employee who, in the midst of the health crisis, in mid-July, asked the top management of the company how they would compensate for the inability to access free office snacks during the period of work from home in smart working. Defining the benefit as one of the decisive factors in attracting candidates to open positions (presumably with the $ 1,000 bonus awarded to each of them).

A couple of weeks later, commenting on the boycott campaign called Stop Hate for Profit and which led some important brands to stop investing in advertising on the platform, Zuckerberg said he was certain of the good health of the company.

On the same occasion, a comment on the proposal of those who imagined the creation of a Facebook City, an area completely isolated from the rest of the world in which to work and stay in contact with colleagues without being locked up in their homes during the lockdown.

Another audio of particular interest is the one featuring Sheryl Sandberg, COO of the social network. It dates back to 7 July and touches on the delicate issue of the position to be taken towards politics, in particular in view of the 2020 US Presidential elections.

Other issues raised (all audio and full transcripts are hosted by The Verge) relate to the concerns expressed by some employees about Joel Kaplan’s influence on the group’s choices (according to some, excessive) and the evergreen theme of censorship.

We remind you that in recent days a spokesperson for the company has hypothesized an abandonment of the European market as a result of a decision by the Data Protection Commission on how to manage data.

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