Windows XP: source code leak on 4chan

The source code of Windows XP was stolen and shared via a post that appeared on 4chan. The first researchers who were able to download and analyze it confirm the goodness of the leak. Microsoft has not yet received any statements on the matter.

Windows XP: on 4chan check the source code
The message containing the download links was deleted after a few hours, but as you can imagine the package had already ended up on mirrors and peer-to-peer circuits. In short, too late to prevent it from starting to circulate on the Net.

Released in its first version on October 25, 2001, it received official support from the Redmond group until April 8, 2014. Nevertheless, it is still installed on 1.26% of desktop or laptop computers currently in use (source NetMarketShare) . Following the incident, these could end up in the crosshairs of malicious people in the event of the appearance of new exploits.

There are those who comment on today’s news point out that, although it was never publicly distributed, the source code of the operating system was from the very beginning placed in the hands of governments and academia.

It is not the first leak of this type for Microsoft: only a few months ago it was touched to the source code of the first Xbox console and of Windows NT 3.5.

Staying on the subject, at the beginning of the year, the Free Software Foundation asked the software house to demonstrate its open vocation by releasing that of Windows 7, now at the end of its life cycle, sending a recycled hard drive and asking to return it a once filled with the platform’s source code. Needless to say, the provocative request went unheeded.

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