Facebook launches a new section, Facebook Campus for college students

A Mashable report says that the company has announced in its announcement that a new profile can be created on the Facebook campus, separate from the profile already created from the main site.

In order to create a campus profile on Facebook, students have to provide a college email address and graduation year. Access to the Facebook campus main platform. Like Facebook Watch, there will be a tab feature for this.

Campus chat will also be available

Only the college’s newsfeed will be visible in the new feature. In this, there will be a feed for every student’s school. Students will be able to create events and groups on campus. Only children of that school will be able to access it.

The platform will also feature a real-time chat room. Its name will be Campus Chats. According to Mashable, the coronavirus epidemic in the campus directory will also be about. In the directory, children will be able to search their classmates from their graduation year, class, etc. Currently, 30 US schools have this facility.

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