Microsoft Ignite 2020: the sky is increasingly Azure

What emerges clearly from the first part of the Ignite 2020 event is how the cloud has become the enabler of a digital, secure, and collaborative work environment. The appointment was organized by Microsoft in order to announce new services and,

unpublished tools for those already operational (yesterday we dedicated an article to the features coming to Teams), but also to discuss how it is possible to help companies on the path towards Digital Transformation responding to needs that have become urgent in the context of the health crisis and to face the recovery phase.

Ignite 2020: the news announced by Microsoft
The image below is quite explanatory to understand how central the Azure cloud is in the vision of Nadella and her parents. Everything the company proposes and offers is based on the infrastructure, leveraging its peculiarities to ensure versatility in data management, adequate protection of information, and, last but not least, compliance.

Let’s review some of the most important innovations announced in the context of Ignite 2020 and intended for the enterprise:

new features for Dynamics 365 to support customer service and supply chain management with a new first-party voice channel for Customer Service (available in private preview) and two new add-ins for Supply Chain Management (Cloud and Edge Scale Unit and Inventory Visibility) that improve visibility and remote management of outages or changes in demand;

new Azure Communications Services that simplify the creation of multi-device and multi-platform enterprise-grade communications experiences; news for Azure servers, services, and products for the hybrid cloud; new features for Azure Cognitive Services that optimize the management of processes in favor of recovery, from Metrics Advisor Preview for proactive monitoring of performance to Spatial Analysis which focuses attention on compliance with the rules of distancing;

Azure Mixed Reality services are enriched with Azure Object Anchors to automatically detect, align and track objects in the physical world;

Azure Orbital (available in preview) will allow quick analysis of data from space and collected by satellites;
Defender improves protection for containers and the IoT;

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, the cloud for healthcare, will be available globally starting in late October.

A focus also on announcements for Microsoft 365:

the previously mentioned unpublished features of Teams starting from the customized settings for Together Mode and the ability to project the image of the presenter in front of the shared content; new devices to improve collaboration and safety in preparation for returning to the office;

new insights and functionalities in Teams for worker wellbeing with useful information to help managers understand if their employees are at risk of burnout; new security and compliance features in Teams to protect data and mitigate risks; new business content management solutions in SharePoint Syntex to simplify the search and processing of content in the organization.

Added to this is the upcoming debut of HoloLens 2 (in the images below) in new countries, including Italy. The Surface Hub 2S interactive whiteboard in the 85-inch version is now on pre-order in the United States with a debut set for January 2021.


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