iPhone and iOS 14: what the green and orange LED that appears at the top of the screen indicates

iOS 14 has introduced an important new feature on iPhones regarding user safety. A different colored LED dot that appears on the top of the screen and signals the use of the microphone or camera by the device. Here’s how it works.

The arrival of iOS 14 on supported iPhones has made it possible to introduce a decidedly important amount of news regarding functionality, applications but also design changes.

A full-bodied update that has not clearly revolutionized the graphic interface of the bitten Apple but which has actually allowed Apple to offer users greater stability with some features capable of making everyday life easier.

In this article, we had already seen what iOS 14 would have proposed to everyone but we had not said about a curious implementation that many users are asking us.

iOS 14: Orange or green dot indication means

Image source: hwupgrade.it
Image source: hwupgrade.it

We are talking about a variable color LED, orange or green, which appears in some situations at the top of the screen. A real dot that turns green when we are using the camera or orange when we use the microphone.

These are the new indicators that Apple has decided to introduce in iPhones to alert users of the use of the camera or microphone by applications including third parties.

Definitely important notifications for users who too often install a certain application that they may not know thoroughly and which could also be malicious and that without the user’s knowledge secretly opens the camera or microphone, damaging, if not accepted, the privacy of the device owner or who is actually using the smartphone.

A real defense for those who are not too experienced. We know well that the possibility of using the microphone or the camera by a specific application should take place only and exclusively after the granting through the popup message from the user.

But it often happened that some malicious applications used these two components of the iPhone even without authorization. Hence the will of Apple to report this situation in some way to the user who, moreover, after the appearance of the dot, by entering the Control Center of his iPhone, will be able to observe and understand in detail which application has used the microphone or the camera.

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