LinkedIn changes graphics on desktop and mobile: here are all the news of the new version

LinkedIn just announced a major design update for its web and mobile clients. A restyling that, according to what the company has declared, comes almost five years after the previous update and aims to make the experience “easy, inclusive, pleasant”. The new user interface aims to offer improvements in navigation fluency, new search features, and also focuses on accessibility.

As for the stylistic aspect, we have elements with rounded corners, larger icons, and warmer colors. The dimensions of the touch elements are also expanded, in order to improve the interaction skills for users who need accessibility features and for the disabled. The company that, we remember, is owned by Microsoft, has already planned the introduction of a dark mode both on the app and on the web client.

In addition to the graphic aspect, LinkedIn is also renewed in search functions. With the new version of the app, search results are organized by categories such as jobs, groups, courses:

Image soure:
Image soure:

users can filter categories from a carousel on mobile devices or use filters on the results page on the web. Search results are also customized based on the actions performed by the individual user and also based on the search experience of other users.

Absolute news on LinkedIn the “Stories”, which we have already seen on a plethora of services designed with a different target audience. The company tested the functionality internally and admitted that “it took some time to understand how this format could fit into a professional context.

” The Stories represent “a more humane way of sharing”, according to the company, and show no big news compared to the counterparts already on Instagram and Facebook.

Another area where improvements have been made is messaging: the team behind the platform has been working to add quick connect modes directly from video meeting messages to Teams, Zoom, and other third-party services. Among other functions, we will have the ability to edit and manage messages in bulk, and send reactions to messages received. The roll-out of the new design has already begun and will arrive on all clients in the coming weeks.

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